Agent-based parsing system in Eden Chris Brown A configurable text parser written in Eden Before tkeden was developed, donald and eden were used on a pipeline: cat stuff.d | donald | eden. Creating (specific notation) to Eden translators was not too difficult and some good notations and translators were created. tkeden changed this by integrating donald and scout inside the tool, and making it more difficult to develop a notation. Development as a result focussed on applications. Chris Brown changed all this with his development of a parser written in Eden. This is now included in the standard Eden package (and used for the EDDI implementation)... these files are archived here for reference. Chris's parser for pl0 is included here amongst other things, as is the text of his project report. [Ash] 2001 5 agentparserBrown2001 3YP ttyeden tkeden %eden README.TXT notation tool translator