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Projects archive / Back room planning

Title:Back room planning
Author:Ashley Ward
Funding:PhD - PhD thesis
Short description:Donald plan of our back room
EM Technologies:tkeden, %scout, %donald
empublic references:roomviewerYung1991
EMpress references:
Web site references:
Previous locations:~ashley/PhD/Tkeden/Expts/BackRoom

This model is a straight-forward Donald script with a little Scout. It was inspired by the Yung's
roomviewer models but was actually an attempt to use the model to plan the layout of a real room,
which is of particular dimensions, contains a fixed radiator and so on, where we needed to decide
where to place a filing cabinet, freezer etc. It should provide a clear example of using Donald in a
simple way. Usually I do this kind of planning either by making a paper scale model or by using a
CAD-type computer drawing package: this was an attempt to use Donald instead. Although the
drawing is in fact correct, using Donald wasn't in practice as good as the other two methods as
there is presently no way of interactively moving Donald objects using the mouse - new
coordinates must be guessed and Donald object names remembered.

backroom1.script is a revised version of backroom.script, which is close to how the room was
finally laid out.

backroomWard2002 is available locally within DCS at /dcs/emp/empublic/projects/backroomWard2002
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