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Projects archive / Cabinet digit visual pun

Title:Cabinet digit visual pun
Author:Meurig Beynon
Funding:Acad - Academic research
Short description:Illustrating EM and semantics of geometric symbols
EM Technologies:tkeden, %eden, %donald
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EMpress references:paper21
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Previous locations:~wmb/public/projects/misc/cabinetdigit

The purpose of this model is to illustrate how possible interpretations of an artefact such as a line drawing are shaped by the dependencies that exist between the observables associated with them, as encountered through interaction. The model is recorded in a single small file. This file comprises two very simple DoNaLD scripts which in effect represent two independent simple models. One represents a digit from an led display, the other depicts the floorplan of a filing cabinet with a drawer that can be opened or closed. The states of the two models are originally such that they are identical: both resemble a figure 8 line drawing. The models can be distinguished through simple redefinitions.

cabinetdigitBeynon1990 is available locally within DCS at /dcs/emp/empublic/projects/cabinetdigitBeynon1990
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