cabinetdigitpresBeynon2007 Meurig Beynon Antony Harfield A presentation to illustrate semantic issues in EM This is a presentation that exploits Harfield's EM presentation environment. It was prepared for a visit by the distinguished software consultant Michael Jackson in April 2007. The theme for the day was suggested by a talk that was given by Jackson to the BCS FACS group on "What can we expect from program verification?" in February 2007. The purpose of this presentation was to show the relevance of EM to several of the issues raised both in Jackson's talk, and more broadly in his research on "Problem Frames". The presentation has two parts: an interactive preamble based on exercising the visual pun associated with cabinetdigitBeynon1990 and looking critically at the semantics of the drawer of the filing cabinet, followed by some slides that comment on significant features of this application of EM. 2007 4 cabinetdigitpresBeynon2007 presentation Acad tkeden %eden %scout %donald %angel screenshot.gif cabinetdigitBeynon1990 paper20 education tutorial YES