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Projects archive / Carousel definition files for digital TV

Title:Carousel definition files for digital TV
Author:Rhys Francis
Funding:Summer - Undergraduate summer project
Short description:Using dependency to manage the digital text system
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This model was the result of a summer project for the BBC R+D labs to develop a prototype model to investigate the potential of using dependencies to manage the distribution of the digital text service across multiple deployment platforms. The text and Word document files explain how the model works in some detail and provide details of all the commands available to flexibly manage the definition of the Carousel Definition File (CDF). The visualisation was added by Chris Roe at the end of the 6 week project to aid with the dissemination of the work to the visitors from the BBC R+D.
[Chris R]

Web access to carouselFrancis2000 denied: We are uncertain about the licensing on this model currently (is it still under BBC NDA?) -- Ash May 2002

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