ClaytonTunnel Java Frontend Eric Chan Rework of claytontunnelWoodforth2000 This project re-engineered Jonathan Woodforth's 3YP work. He has built i) an intercepting Java program, Snoopy; ii) a set of VRML scripts which vizualized Partick's dtkden model, Clayton Tunnel in a 3D world; iii) a Java applet which facilitated the communicaiton between i) and ii). His work enriched the original model with 3D/Virtual Reality experience. However, due to a security problem, previous VRML world does not updating when the dtkeden model is running. [Eric] 2005 5 5 PhD claytontunnelChan2005 model software dtkeden Java screenshot.gif claytontunnelSun1999 claytontunnelWoodforth2000 tool demotool HCI ~echan/public/claytontunnelChan2005 YES