ClaytonTunnel Model Eric Chan Antony Harfield New Clayton Tunnel Model This project is a reconstruction of the Clayton Tunnel Model. The Java VRML frontend is based on the work in claytontunnelChan2005. The dtkeden virtual agency support and input text box for definitive script is added. The dtkeden model (EDEN scripts) are built completely from scratch. This project is jointly carried out by Eric Chan and Antony Harfield. The model is mainly built for the Kaleidoscope and ICALT'05. 2005 8 4 PhD claytontunnelChanHarfield2005 model software dtkeden Java screenshot.gif claytontunnelSun1999 claytontunnelWoodforth2000 claytontunnelChan2005 simulation HCI tutorial ~echan/public/claytontunnelChanHarfield2005 YES