Clayton Tunnel - 3D VRML views Jonathan Woodforth Adding 3D views to the Clayton Tunnel model The original motivation for this project was to provide a VRML front end to the Clayton Tunnel distributed simulation. The projects consists of an application called 'Snoopy' written in Java which monitors the communication between dtkeden clients and the server. There is also a web server which allows the dtkeden clients to run over an internet connection with a VRML view of each agents view of the situation. At the time of the project full integration with dtkeden proved to be impossible because of security issues, these may have been resolved by now. The VRML views of the Clayton Tunnel give an added air of realism to the simulation. His 3rd year report is also in the WriteUp directory as PDF and Word documents. There are also some photos of the real Clayton Tunnel near Brighton in the ClaytonTunnelPhotos directory. [Chris R] 2000 5 claytontunnelWoodforth2000 3YP dtkeden screenshot.jpg FINAL_PROJECT/Project_html/index.html claytontunnelSun1999 ???? 54 tool HCI