Dependency Viewer Antony Harfield Charles Care The DoNaLD version of the DMT This dependency viewer is a DoNaLD version of the Dependency Maintainer Tool. You can load this model alongside other models in order to visualise the dependencies in the model. To load the model: execute the run.eden script. To add observables to the model: type the name of an observable in the textbox at the bottom of the DMT screen and then click the 'Add' button. To add dependent nodes: middle click on an observable to add all the observables that are dependees. To remove a node: right click on the node. To move nodes: left click and drag the node. (There are two example scripts in this project. Try example-simple.eden, add the observable 'a' and then middle click on 'a' to add dependees. The other example (example-jugs.eden) takes real dependencies from the Jugs model, as depicted in the screenshot.) 2006 dmtHarfield2006 model component PhD tkeden %eden %scout %donald screenshot.gif tool HCI YES