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Author:Karl King
Funding:MScR - MSc (by research) dissertation
Short description:A tool for drag-and-drop creation of presentations
EM Technologies:tkeden, %eden, %scout
Keywords:tool, HCI
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drawSlide is a tool that builds on drawScout-1.0 to support the development of slideshow presentations.

The key differences between drawScout and drawSlide are as follows:
1) drawSlide supports the creation of TEXT, TEXTBOX, DoNaLD and IMAGE windows - drawScout provided functionality for TEXT windows only.

2) drawSlide offers more to the modeller by way of observables for controlling the properties of each window - drawScout only enabled the modeller to manipulate the text content and the background colour of the window. The window attribute observables have also been renamed in drawSlide for consistency with SCOUT, e.g. DS_win1_string as opposed to DS_win1content.
(NB The exact observables can be made apparent by running drawSlide, creating a drawSlide window and using the following query in %scout: ?DS_win1;)

3) drawSlide extends drawScout to provide multiple "slides" to support the development of slideshow presentations.

The tool is useful to those engaging with %scout for the first time as a simple means of illustrating its syntax and scope. Like drawScout, it may also be useful in supporting the modelling activity as a means of creating ad hoc interfaces. Please refer to the pdf in this directory for more information about drawSlide.

[Karl King]

drawSlideKing2004 is available locally within DCS at /dcs/emp/empublic/projects/drawSlideKing2004
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