Greatest Common Divisor in a spreadsheet Meurig Beynon Chris Roe Illustrates an algorithm for GCD in a spreadsheet This model was developed for use in a workshop at a 6th form college in Birmingham in July 2002. To run the model you must have loaded in the spreadsheetRoe2002 model first. There are three different versions of the GCD algorithm available for exploration. The procedural version of the normal GCD and the binary GCD algorithm are included in the first model (Run1.e). A definitive version of the normal GCD algorithm is in the second model (Run2.e). A comprehensive tour is included with this model intended to be used as a tutorial for both the Tkeden environment and the GCD algorithms. Some supporting mathematical notes are also included in a seperate file. [Chris R] 2002 7 17 gcdBeynon2002 tkeden %eden %scout %donald screenshot.gif GCD_Models_Help.htm spreadsheetRoe2002 education tutorial Acad model