The %angel notation Antony Harfield ANt's prototype Graphical Environment Language The Graphical Environment Language (GEL) is a definition-based notation for creating and modifying GUIs. The components in the GUI are based on common components found in libraries for programming languages (i.e. the Tk toolkit in Tcl). The current GEL notation is called %angel (ANt's prototype GEL) which is an experimental version being developed using the AOP. See the documentation (in the doc directory) for a complete description of GEL. An introduction is available in GEL itself. Go to the intro directory and execute the run.e script. A number of example scripts are available in the examples directory (not all of them are guaranteed to work). Run GEL first and then try executing on of these scripts. 2006 10 27 gelHarfield2006 notation PhD tkeden %eden %aop screenshot.gif doc/gelguide.html agentparserHarfield2003 notation YES