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Projects archive / C-Graph notation

Title:C-Graph notation
Author:George Efstathiou
Type:software, Definitive Notation
Short description:A definitive notation for Combinatorial Graphs
EM Technologies:tkeden, %eden, %scout, %donald, AOP
Keywords:notation, tool, demotool, translator, geometry
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C-Graph is a defnitive notation for drawing and manipulating combinatorial graphs. The motivations behind its construction were: developing a deeper understanding of DN design; creating a new DN and exploring its applications; investigating the nature of the AOP as a novel approach to DN implementation. C-Graph has been developed in an exploratory manner as an experimental DN with the above agenda in mind. The C-Graph interpreter has been under development for over a year and its design and implementation has undergone many revisions over this period. The maintenance of the interpreter (more than 5000 lines of EDEN code) was undertaken primarily for demonstration purposes and it would require a considerable amount of further time and effort to produce a release version. In the present form of the interpreter, there are still bugs in the code, functions that are obsolete and features to be incorporated in the future. However, overall, it has been designed and developed with care and thought which has made it modular and customisable.

graphEfstathiou2006 is available locally within DCS at /dcs/emp/empublic/projects/graphEfstathiou2006
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