Graphics Presentation using 3D Room Antony Harfield Meurig Beynon The 3D room in the GEL presentation environment The 3D room model was used by WMB in the CS324 Computer Graphics module. WMB created an html file describing possible interactions with the model for investigating viewplanes, panning, perspective, etc. AH created the GEL presentation environment that can be used for demonstrating models within a presentation. The presentation slides are created using html, with special tags (eden, page, and script) for creating dependencies and including scripts. AH imported WMB's html interactions file into the presentation environment and incorporated the 3D room model. Running the model: Execute "run.e" Works with: 1.66,1.67 [19/03/2007] Modified run.e by adding some extra definitions to change the size of the components to look better on Windows. 2007 3 1 graphicspresHarfield2007 model presentation PhD tkeden %eden %scout %donald %angel %html screenshot.png gelHarfield2006 demotool education YES