Heapsort Meurig Beynon Heapsort model and algorithm demonstration The heapsort model comprises three different approaches to the heapsort algorithm, that are fully discussed in the accompanying model documentation. The first is a heapsort tutorial that builds up the heapsort algorithm gradually through including files (in the style of a student worksheet). The second is an automated version of the heapsort algorithm that can be used to demonstrate how it works. The third is from the MENg lecture in 2003 and uses the heapsort model as an example of software development suited to a computers-for-learning agenda. [Chris R] This revised version of the model was created by Beynon in 2008. In addition to fixing some problems that are detailed in the Run.e file, this directory includes a revised version of the stage2.e file, which incorrectly contained superfluous definitions drawn from the tkeden library files in the archived version of heapsortBeynon1998 [WMB]. 2008 5 heapsortBeynon2008 model Acad tkeden %eden %scout %donald DMT screenshot.gif Index.htm education tutorial 122 RR-337 RR-346 pap051 YES