A Jigsaw Puzzle Assembly Environment James Butcher Assembing jigsaws and tools to assist the process This model extends Cheryl Sidebotham's work on the original jigsaw model by Cheryl Sidebotham. This model is of a jigsaw puzzle assembly environment where pieces can be connected and separated and uses the Arca notation to define the underlying model of the jigsaw. Pieces can be moved around a workspace and added to a jigsaw board. They can be joined if believed to be correct, and split up if not. There are facilities to load in user-defined images and a facility whereby EDEN will search all the pieces in the jigsaw to see if a particular colour exists in that piece. [Chris R] 2003 5 jigsawButcher2003 model 3YP tkeden %eden %scout %donald %arca screenshot.gif README pap042 education geometry YES