Lift model of Netherlands scenario Meurig Beynon Cheryl Sidebotham Model of interesting scenario involving a lift This is a model of an interesting scenario that Meurig encountered whilst at a conference in the Netherlands in 1988, when he and two other delegates all managed to get out of the lift at the wrong floor through a series of interlocking mistakes. It uses many definitions and is a good example of the definitive style and is a good representation of Meurig's construal of the situation. This is explained in the accompanying paper "Radical Empiricism, Empirical Modelling and the nature of knowing" by WMB which was presented by SBR at Lucerne in 2003. It also includes some automation: files introduced at later stages cause "the lift" to open "it's own" doors and so on. Unfortunately the tkeden tool was not designed for a multi-agent simulation such as this and there are various problems: a delay has been introduced to slow the model to a speed where the scenario can be seen progressing... but the way the delay is modelled, /all/ agents are paused whilst the delay is active. [Ashley] 2003 10 2 liftBeynon2003 model Acad tkeden %eden %scout %donald screenshot.gif README RE,EM and nature of knowing simulation ~wmb/public/projects/simulations/LIFT/LUCERNE