D-TK-MineSweeper Considerations

Multi-Player TK-MineSweeper

With the basic TK-MineSweeper model now active, considerations can stray to more exciting and radical ideas. With D-TKeden now on the scene, we can take into consideration the idea of distributing our model onto more than 1 workstation.
This allows us to envisage a multi-player D-TK-MineSweeper where the respective players take turns to select their 'try' positions, 'defuse' positions, etc.
As a starting point, it would be interesting to make a version of TK-MineSweeper which supports 2 players. This should be quite simple to implement, as we simply require some definitions which either a) force the players to take turns, or b) prompt the players when it is their turn.
Taking this approach, we need to define some scoring system whereby we can determine the winner. This could be something quite simple, such as he with the most correctly identified mines, he who is not blown up, etc. However, we may introduce some scoring system whereby the player scores points for uncovering, say, blanks, or maybe we could introduce bonus items which could be found for extra points.
Clearly, the options for a competetive game of TK-MineSweeper are endless. Looking further, we may be able to incorporate more than 2 players at once. Here, the competition would become really interesting.
As a source of information concerning a two-player game in which players take turns, it is valuable to consult the EM Help System for further information on a noughts and crosses simulator, oxo.
The final page of the TK-MineSweeper demonstration takes a (very) brief look at visualisation for the mineSweeper variant using Scout definitive notation

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Updated Wednesday, January 6, 1999