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Author:Timothy Heron
Type:model, software, presentation
Funding:MScR - MSc (by research) dissertation
Short description:Re-engineering of Nebula network modeller
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Keywords:notation, tool
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A presentation (inc. source code) of a modelling exercise to re-engineer the 'Nebula' network modeller. Nebula was developed by Michael Perry as an example of a dynamic user interface using his automated dependency tracking API.

This version converted the object model to a empirical modelling notation and used the JaM2 API to maintain the dependencies.

nebulaHeron2002 is available locally within DCS at /dcs/emp/empublic/projects/nebulaHeron2002
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Nebula - An Example of Dependency Tracking.ppt 108544 09:24 PM Mar 21 2002 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
README.xml 809 07:45 PM Apr 03 2003 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
screenshot.gif 10843 07:44 PM Apr 03 2003 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
Nebula JaM2/ 4096 09:13 AM Apr 04 2003 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
Nebula/ 4096 09:13 AM Apr 04 2003 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017

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