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Projects archive / Third year project oral timetabling

Title:Third year project oral timetabling
Authors:Meurig Beynon, Simon Yung
Funding:Acad - Academic research
Short description:Model of third year project oral timetabling
EM Technologies:ttyeden, tkeden, %eden, %scout
Keywords:simulation, editor
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EMpress references:RE,EM and nature of knowing
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The third year students at Warwick Computer Science do a project which involves a presentation
towards the end. Some academic members of staff (eg supervisor, second assessor) attend the
presentation. All the presentations (which have sometimes numbered nearly 300) need to be
timetabled into the available rooms, taking account of academic's availability etc. There are
various kinds of error (eg two students might be timetabled to present at the same time in the
same room: a clash) - dependencies can be used to detect these automatically when the timetable
is changed.
This model was an early start at representing the dependencies present in this situation. [Ash]

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