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Title:Restaurant Simulation
Author:Benjamin Hutchings
Funding:3YP - Undergraduate third year project
Short description:Management of staff and customers in restaurant
EM Technologies:tkeden, %eden, %scout, %donald, LSD analysis
empublic references:restaurantRoe2000, beetlesLam1993
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The restaurant model is a step towards using Eden to create decision support systems for real world scenarios. As customers filter in, the waiters must ensure that they take customer orders, process these for the kitchen, collect drinks from the bar and deliver food from the kitchen when alerted. The waiters must also take orders for dessert, clear tables and have time for a 20 min break.
The role of the user is the restaurant manager who has to allocate tables to staff so that they have their own section. The restaurant manager must deal with complaints as a result of slow service, ensure staff have breaks and keep the restaurant running smoothly.
The idea was inspired by everyday restaurant chains that have a generic model on their design, menu, function and image. But is there enough emphasis on quality service and good staff. This model encompasses the concept of observables and the importance of staff observability - two different ideas that are closely linked since the latter describes a relationship between interactive observables, and the other is what builds the environment. Dependency is vital to this construal as service depends on speed and efficiency, but there are also many dependencies between the processes of delivering good service, from taking and order through to making it and billing the customer. Finally, this model relies heavily on agency as the environment is made up of many alternative states that can only be changed through staff agents i.e. a table cannot be in a happy state if they have no food or have not been approaced to order for a long time.
The problems with this model is the limitations on modelling human behaviour and covering all aspects of a restaurant. In effect this problem merely defines this model as the foundations on which one can build and extend into many areas of the running of a restaurant. For example stock management, kitchen management, cost analysis, fire drill simulations, forecasting sales, forecasting turnovers, modelling a new restaurant to see if it will work design-wise, and so on.

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