The SQLEDDI environment Ashley Ward Chris Roe Meurig Beynon Michael Evans Chris Brown Studying the design and implementation of SQL This project provides an extension to the tkeden environment in which it is possible to study the use of SQL in conjunction with EDDI, a definitive notation based on relational algebra, as a relational database query language. sqleddiWard2003 is much the same as sqleddiBeynon2002 - see that project for further details about the history of this project. sqleddiWard2003 was produced in order to clarify parts of sqleddi operation for the paper "A Computer-Based Environment For The Study Of Relational Query Languages" by Beynon, Bhalerao, Roe, Ward for Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Databases LTSN workshop. The paper is included in the Presentation directory. In this version of sqleddi, a new Uneddifying Interface has been added. Additionally, the multiple Run.eden files have been simplified to just one. %toysql is now available on executing installtoysql(); in Eden. Also included here is the presentation (written in Eden) used at the Databases workshop. [Ash] 2003 7 sqleddiWard2003 PhD tkeden %eden %scout %eddi %toysql %sqlzero %sqlte screenshot.gif Docs/README.txt eddipTruong1996 agentparserBrown2001 sqleddiBeynon2001 sqleddiBeynon2002 notation tool translator education model presentation