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Couldn't parse README.xml: File /dcs/emp/empublic/projects/sudokuACE-old/README.xml does not exist: no information available so no details are available.

sudokuACE-old is available locally within DCS at /dcs/emp/empublic/projects/sudokuACE-old
Download sudokuACE-old.tar.gz
Uncompressed, sudokuACE-old is 2.9 Mbytes (in 180 files).
Your download will be smaller as it will be compressed.
Help on extracting the files from the download.
gel/ 4096 07:55 AM Jan 25 2008 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
sudoku/ 4096 09:19 AM Jan 25 2008 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017

empublic system initially created by Ashley Ward with assistance from Chris Roe and Meurig Beynon.