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Projects archive / The Sudoku Experience workshops

Title:The Sudoku Experience workshops
Authors:Meurig Beynon, Antony Harfield
Short description:Workshops for an online schools event July 2008
EM Technologies:tkeden, %eden, %scout, %eddi
Keywords:game, education, tutorial
empublic references:sudokuKing2006, sudokucolourHarfield2007
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This series of workshops was developed to introduce the basic principles of Empirical Modelling as initially illustrated through the use of the Web Eden interpreter developed by Richard Myers in his final year project in 2007-8. The target audience was a group of schoolchildren aged about 15-16 years old with a potential interest in computing. All the workshops draw on a model of human solving of Sudoku puzzles that was initially prototyped by Karl King. The Colour Sudoku application developed by Antony Harfield (see was a by-product of the initial modelling exercise. Each workshop is to be studied in conjunction with a 'minibook' that was pre-loaded in the Web Eden environment. In the variants for the standard 'desktop' version of Eden presented in this archive, each minibook has been converted into a readme.html file that can be loaded in a browser. The two introductory workshops 'introEden' and 'introScript' respectively discuss the use of Eden in relation to EM and the key observables in the script that defines the underlying model.

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