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Projects archive / Unconventional Text Editor

Title:Unconventional Text Editor
Author:Edward Yung
Funding:3YP - Undergraduate third year project
Short description:Curses-based text editor written in Eden
EM Technologies:ttyeden, %eden
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Previous locations:~wmb/public/projects/editors/editor.e, ~ashley/PhD/Tkeden/Expts/Curses

This is the first non-trivial example constructed for Eden, by the original author of Eden. It relies
on the provision of the 'curses' text-terminal C library which is made available from Eden. The
current text being edited is stored within Eden and some use is made of definitions to calculate the
screen size, the contents of the current line etc. [Ashley]

texteditorYung1987 is available locally within DCS at /dcs/emp/empublic/projects/texteditorYung1987
Download texteditorYung1987.tar.gz
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README.xml 997 10:01 PM Jan 11 2004 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
editor.e 8705 11:55 AM Jan 26 2004 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
screenshot.gif 5413 09:55 PM Jan 11 2004 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
using.txt 1529 08:46 PM Feb 04 2004 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
using.txt~ 1529 12:04 PM Jan 26 2004 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
yung-4.5.txt 2632 09:44 PM Jan 11 2004 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017

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