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Projects archive / VCG of Eden

Title:VCG of Eden
Author:Ashley Ward
Funding:PhD - PhD thesis
Short description:Visualisation of definitive scripts as a graph
EM Technologies:tkeden, %eden
Keywords:tool, geometry
empublic references:roomviewerYung1991, catflapWard1997
EMpress references:
Web site references:
Previous locations:~ashley/PhD/Tkeden/Expts/VCG

The xvcg tool by Georg Sander is the "Visualizer of Compiler Graphs". Given a list of nodes and edges, it will display the graph laid out in a number of possible ways, including a fish-eye layout, which compresses the information so that a particular node and its surroundings can be seen clearly, but the nodes that are further away are still present but are smaller.
I had used xvcg before, and was interested to see what a definitive script would look like: would it be neatly organised into sections, assisting my comprehension of the script?
The Eden code in this project uses the Eden symboltable() function to form data suitable for xvcg directly from a running Eden symbol table. It writes the result to a file, and invokes xvcg. (Unfortunately xvcg has now been removed from the DCS system, but it is still available should you wish to experiment further). Different types of symbol are shown in different colours.
Two screenshots from xvcg running on the roomviewerYung1991 model are here, and output ready for xvcg from catflapWard1997 (although I never saved a screenshot from this model) and output from a simple script I wrote for my first year report.
I was generally rather disappointed by the output: there were many more definitions than I initially expected, and they didn't easily organise themselves into something comprehensible.

vcgWard1999 is available locally within DCS at /dcs/emp/empublic/projects/vcgWard1999
Download vcgWard1999.tar.gz
Uncompressed, vcgWard1999 is 455.6 Kbytes (in 9 files).
Your download will be smaller as it will be compressed.
Help on extracting the files from the download.
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genvcg.e 4057 09:33 PM Oct 01 1999 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
how 1380 10:56 PM Sep 15 1999 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
roomviewer.gif 46787 01:31 AM Sep 27 1999 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
roomviewer.out 137543 01:21 AM Sep 27 1999 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
roomviewer2.gif 58629 01:34 AM Sep 27 1999 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017
simple.out 14281 05:44 PM Oct 01 1999 01:19 PM Jul 27 2017

empublic system initially created by Ashley Ward with assistance from Chris Roe and Meurig Beynon.