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Projects archive / Warehouse System

Title:Warehouse System
Author:Yih-Chang Chen
Funding:PhD - PhD thesis
Short description:Warehouse Management Process
EM Technologies:dtkeden, %eden, %scout, %donald, LSD analysis
empublic references:
EMpress references:056, 060, CS-RR-357
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Previous locations:~cheny/PUBLIC/D-warehouse, ~cheny/PUBLIC/tkeden

The warehouse model is based on a case study adopted by Jacobson et al. in their text Object-Oriented Software Engineering (cf. Jacobson et al., 1992). The warehouse model simulates the filling and passage of forms and tables that takes place in the redistribution of items from one warehouse to another. The movement of the items themselves is not represented, only the changes in the relevant tables and forms made by the people who have access to them.

There are two different versions of this model: one is running under distributed environment (e.g. dtkeden) and the other is running under single machine (e.g. tkeden).

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