Hunt The Wumpus Graeme Cole Hunt the Wumpus game. Hunt the Wumpus is a simple computer game dating from c.1973. It is set in a cave of interconnected rooms, one of which contains the wumpus. The object of the game is to kill the wumpus by navigating around the cave and shooting an arrow into the correct room. The player receives messages to help in this task, such as "you smell the wumpus nearby", or "you feel a draught from a nearby pit". Earlier games of this "hide-and-seek" genre had simply used a cartesian grid as the play area, but Hunt the Wumpus used a topological map, based on the vertices of a dodecahedron. 2005 1 23 wumpusCole2005 model 4YM tkeden %eden %scout %donald %aop wumpus.jpg game simulation YES